About Algo You

Algo You combines Algoroo's SERPs data with data gathered from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This combination allows you to see your progress in a single chart (by progress we mean daily number of links and number of visits). Apart from those stats you will be able to analyse your keyword and URL performances. Our algorithm will calculate your CTR and according to it suggest keywords and URLs that need attention.

Data for reporting and overall calculations come from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Our algorithm will only read your data and will never change anything.

We will never share your data with third parties.

If you ever decide to cancel your account your data will be deleted immediately. The same goes for report deletion - if you delete a report, data is wiped out from our databases (so use this option carefully).

Here are a few examples of what you will get if you decide to register and start using all that we offer.

When you create a report we initially pool 16 months worth of data from Google Search Console (keywords, URLs, ctr, number of visits, number of impressions) and all of your referral links and referral visits from Google Analytics. By using this data we are able to draw a nice graph on top of Algoroo data and show your site’s performance. You can easily monitor your site’s performance day by day and see how changes in Google algorithm have impacted you.

Google analytics data

LIke we already mentioned, Google Analytics data will show your daily links. With such a report, you will be able to monitor links made by other parties, and prevent any damage from bad links. This report combines following reports:

  • *All links report
  • *Top refferals
  • *Most linked pages

All links report

Here you can see how many visits each link brought, together with anchor texts, no index/nofollow info and header status.

Top refferals

This is basically a list of your referrals sorted by number of clicks they had.

Anchor text distribution

This is basically a list of anchor texts for your links sorted by the number of times they have been used.

Most linked pages

This is a list of your pages sorted by number of times other sites link to it.

Google search console data

This data enables us to provide deep report, which combines the following:

  • *Keywords report
  • *URLs report

Keywords report

This report will calculate your keywords’ performance and provide a list of keywords you should focus on in order to gain more clicks from SERPs. We will import both mobile and desktop data, together with data for all countries where your keywords rank. Since we initially pool 16 months worth of data you can easily change this to any date range you like.

We can also provide monetization reports if you enter your conversion rate and value for it.

This report will predict clicks for movements in positions.

URLs report

This report is quite similar to keywords report, with the difference of showing data for URLs instead of keywords.

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